380 light years from Earth,

near the double star Albereo, is a star which is the sun of a peopled planet — a cloudy, stormy, high-tech world known as Luratia.


The Luratia Wiki

planet luratia The Planet Luratia
The Planet Luratia | The People of Luratia
The Continents of Luratia
The Continents of Luratia | The Continent | Wershonia | Waturi | Deloria | Gostin | Egli
graphene Luratian Technology
The Clarkon Substance (aka graphene) | Space-Based Solar Power | Wireless Electricity
Earth Technology
Graphene (aka clarkon)
binary stars The Local Universe
The Phenomenon of Binary Stars
Stellar Neighborhoods
luratian year Luratian Time
The Luratian Year
The Luratian Month
The Luratian Day
fractal The International Schools
The International Schools
The 3 Island Schools

About this Wiki

This Wiki is an ongoing compilation of details and background information pertaining to the world Luratia and the stellar neighborhood to which it belongs. If you wish to be informed of updates to this Wiki via email, click here.