Our distant ancestral cousin. Adibadis are to Luratians what the chimpanzee is to the humans of Earth, though they more closely resemble the domesticated dog in their character and temperament. Read more →


The fastest animal in the world. A sleek, 4-legged mammal, thin, light-boned and very muscular. Read more →


The largest animal in Wershonia. Four-legged, bowled back, carnivorous, shy but mean. Everyone knows never to sneak up on a grandis, they don’t like surprises. Fortunately, they don’t run very fast. Read more →


A large predatory fish unsuitable for eating due to its extremely unpleasant taste and texture. Grangefish have three rows of upper teeth and two rows of lower teeth that interlock when the mouth is closed. Read more →


A small, poisonous waterspider. Murtali venom is not lethal, but it does paralyze the victim for several hours after being stung. Read more →

Soni Seashell

A common sea shell that is used as a whistle by boring a hole in one end. Teachers in Bree wear a soni seashell on a string around their neck for the purpose of getting their students’ attention. Read more →


Trissilfish have no teeth, no eyes, nor a front or back side. They are an ancient simple-cell fish. Any part of their long string-like body can eat the invisibly small microbial creatures they feed on. Read more →

Wild Mountain Berek

This 6-legged mountain beast is incredibly agile on steep rock. Unlike the grandis, bereks are very social creatures. They mate for life and roam in clans. Read more →