Asteroid Shear of 2096

Without warning and as most of the Continent slept, an asteroid passed close to the planet, touching the atmosphere and setting off a massive plasma blast that ripped a wide gash across the Continent’s northern plains. Its scar can still be seen today. It is known as the Great Gash. Read more →

The Gash Generation

The generation born in the aftermath of the cataclysmic Asteroid Shear of 2096 — which tore a long gash across the Continent, killing millions — became known as the Gash Generation. Read more →

Genetic Disaster of 2006

In 2006 — only 90 years before a close-passing asteroid killed over 2 million people on the continent of Artunne — a well-tested genetic procedure designed to reduce congenital disease ended in deadly disaster. Read more →

Pure Sky

Many of the languages of Luratia refer to a patch of cloudless sky as ‘pure sky’. At any given time most of my planet, with the exception of the two poles, is almost continuously shrouded in cloud cover. Read more →