Bio-hacking involves a wide range of practices aimed at improving physical health, extending longevity, easing the aging process, rehabilitating or improving sensory experience, enhancing physical appearance Read more →


The name ascribed to virtual reality addicts, which counts for about 20% of the population of modern societies. This number is increasing, especially on the continent of Waturi, where the quality of life is considered the lowest on the planet, rivaling that of Egli. See also Privacy Pods.   Read more →


Random bots for hire, usually of the airborne variety, ranging in scale from mid-size drones to atomically-small GPS-guided nanobots. Read more →

The Gash Generation

The generation born in the aftermath of the cataclysmic Asteroid Shear of 2096 — which tore a long gash across the Continent, killing millions — became known as the Gash Generation. Read more →

Privacy Pods

Small structures in public places that serve as protective enclosures for the secure enjoyment of full-immersion virtual reality. Most pods comfortably seat one person and can only be unlocked by a retinal scan of the current occupant, however the civil authorities can override the lock system under court order or in cases of medical emergencies. Some virtual reality addicts have… Read more →