The largest of Luraita’s six continents — commonly called the Continent — and the epicenter of its recent technological and social awakening. The nine nations of Artunne unified as a single sovereign country 158 years ago, which evolved after decades of reconstruction following the catastrophic Asteroid Shear of 2096. Two million lives were lost in the tragedy, but a remarkable… Read more →


A small fishing village in the country of Strellin on the southeast coast of Wershonia. Bree is the place of my birth. Due to its remote location and the technology-depriving Committee of Technology, Bree is one of the most primitive places on my planet. Read more →

Continental Union

Commonly referred to as the Continent and formerly known as Artunne. The nations of Artunne unified as a single sovereign nation 158 years ago. Read more →


The most beautiful of the 6 continents of Luratia. Deloria is latitudinally long: its northern coast is not far from the equator (where cloud cover is thick), and its southern coast is close to the South Pole (where cloud cover is thin). Read more →


The smallest of Luratia’s 6 continents. Egli is desolate, rocky and, by Luratia’s standards, arid. Egli lies near the southern pole, where the cloud cover is thin and precipitation negligible. Read more →


One of Luratia’s 6 continents. Gostin is so rainy, most of its cities are covered by invisible, self-repairing clarkon nets that shield rain and lightning. Read more →


One of 20 islands that dot the perimeter of the Continent and one of 3 islands that are home to the campuses of the International Schools created for the education of students from all parts of the world. Read more →


One of the 6 continents of Luratia. Waturi is a small continent with a large population, due to its crowded coastal cities and high birth rates. Read more →


Luratia’s second largest continent. A wide and steep mountain range separates the North from South, which made land travel between them nearly impossible until the invention of aircraft. The small fishing village of Bree in a remote area of Southern Wershonia is the place of my birth. Read more →