One of the Continent’s two super-satellites, a city in the sky. In addition to collecting and transmitting solar power to Luratia, Alteron is a fully equipped base for excursions to space. Read more →


An organic and highly versatile “super-material” known on Earth as graphene. It is the first 2D material ever discovered and is used in thousands of applications. Read more →

Data Grid

The Grid, as it’s called, is Luratia’s first generation Internet. It was originally developed by weather scientists who needed to transmit, receive, store and aggregate large quantities of real-time data intercontinentally. Read more →


Random bots for hire, usually of the airborne variety, ranging in scale from mid-size drones to atomically-small GPS-guided nanobots. Read more →


The smaller of Luratia’s two super-satellites. Like the Alteron satellite platform, Forton collects and transmits solar power to the planet, which is then wirelessly distributed world-wide. Read more →

Genetic Disaster of 2006

In 2006 — only 90 years before a close-passing asteroid killed over 2 million people on the continent of Artunne — a well-tested genetic procedure designed to reduce congenital disease ended in deadly disaster. Read more →


The Mesh is Luratia’s second Internet, built upon the holographic data storage capacity of quantum computing. Read more →

Privacy Pods

Small structures in public places that serve as protective enclosures for the secure enjoyment of full-immersion virtual reality. Most pods comfortably seat one person and can only be unlocked by a retinal scan of the current occupant, however the civil authorities can override the lock system under court order or in cases of medical emergencies. Some virtual reality addicts have… Read more →

Sub-Orbital Airbus

A rocket-propelled craft that traverses long distances in a short time by ascending to a very high altitude and arcing in the direction of its destination. For coast-to-coast flights on the Continent, the sub-orbital airbus achieves an altitude of 50 Earth miles above sea level. Read more →


Among Luratia’s hundreds of satellites, two are of immense size and are called super-satellites. Dozens of people live and work on them. Read more →