The smallest of Luratia’s 6 continents.

Egli is desolate, rocky and, by Luratia’s standards, arid. Egli lies near the southern pole, where the cloud cover is thin and precipitation negligible.

Egli is rich in minerals, precious stones, and a crystalline substance once used for fuel. For thousands of years, this land has been mined with slave labor. Egli has no countries, but is divided into 4 sectors that are governed by the majority landowners. Costal cities and ports are the only vestige of civilization here.

Egli is the one place where every Luratian child is grateful not to have been born. If you’re born into the rich class, you are despised by the poor and at risk of being kidnapped for ransom; if you’re born into the poor class, you are doomed to suffer a life of poverty; and if you’re born into the slave class, you’re a slave.

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