A Message from the Future

double stars Albireo

380 light years from Earth,
near the double star Albereo, is a star which is the sun of a peopled planet — a cloudy, stormy, high-tech world known as Luratia.

On behalf of the 1.4 billion people of my world, I send greetings of warmth, friendliness and love.

I am Lin of Luratia, and although I am a woman of 109 years, it is with the enthusiasm of a wide-eyed child that I tell you the story of my life and what it portends for Earth’s future.

Luratia is one of dozens of inhabited planets that are nearby Earth in this beautiful corner of the Milky Way Galaxy where the spiral arms of Sagittarius and Orion come together.

Like yours, our planet is rocky and our atmosphere is oxygen-based. Like you, we live a life rich in words and meaning and art and culture, with friendship and family and children and love.

We are cosmic siblings, you and we, as are all of the inhabited worlds throughout the universe, diverse and widely scattered though we may be.


Poised on a Magnificent Threshold

As we were only 250 years ago, Earth is standing on the threshold of a long, arduous and spectacular period of social, cultural and technological evolution. You are about to author the most magnificent piece of history the people of Earth have ever offered to its future generations.

Those of you who are alive in the early years of Earth’s 21st century will not see its fruition. Evolution of this magnitude happens slowly from the perspective of time-based creatures. But as you increasingly adopt a cosmic perspective, your personal and global transformation will hasten remarkably, and growth itself will become the most inspiring and sought-after experience in your relatively short and immensely significant lives.

Earth is poised on the forward edge of two discoveries that will forever change your world — one of science and one of the heart.

The first of these is already in your hands — the advent of nanotechnology, the science of the invisibly small. More than any single inventive era in our world’s history, the Nano Age has radically transformed every facet of our physical existence — food, medicine, transportation, communication, architecture, superconductivity, energy production and energy storage. Nanotech’s shining achievement, most agree, has been to avail our entire planet of unlimited, free solar energy. Earth’s Nano Age has dawned and is about to completely revolutionize your world, in ways your brightest scientists still have yet to imagine.

The second of these discoveries — the more revolutionary, more crucial and more elusive — is the dawning recognition that love is the greatest and most powerful force in all reality. Love for one another, self-respecting love for oneself, love for that which gives us life, the love of truth and goodness: this is the love I speak of.

The great achievements of our more evolved cosmic siblings were accomplished not by clever cunning nor supernal intellect nor even the genius of higher mind, but by the cooperative partnership of a people motivated by love and aligned with love’s great purpose.


Earth’s Planetary Destiny

As far from this reality as Earth may seem in these early decades of the 21st century, don’t be dismissive and don’t be daunted. It is the destiny of all inhabited worlds to grow a civilization of increasing beauty, excellence and goodness.

On our world, in the year 2142, the 11 countries of the continent Artunne dissolved their national boundaries and formed a new nation, the Continental Union, founded on the principle of cooperation and the values of peace.

Artunne — known now by all as the Continent — is the epicenter of our planet’s evolutionary awakening. The Continent once harbored the cradle of our civilization; it is now Luratia’s technological apogee and beacon of maturity. The Continent’s technological achievements are remarkable, but more remarkable still is its cultural, economic, political and social development.

I am not a Continental but a Wershonian, Wershonia being the name of the continent of my birth. Unlike native Continentals — who enthusiastically pursue their fullest intellectual and creative potential from their earliest years — I embraced mine in adolescence and with the desire to escape a personal suffering I believed I could not endure.

My discovery of the Continent was much like yours will be, from a distant place and perspective. That is why I am ideally suited to acquaint you with the Continent, its people and its remarkable society. Compared to a child born and raised on the Continent, my upbringing was quite Earthly.

I was born in the small fishing village of Bree on the southern coast of Wershonia, and that is where my story begins.

Blessings and peace, from my world to yours,

Lin di Ana