Among Luratia’s hundreds of satellites, two are of immense size and are called super-satellites. Dozens of people live and work on them.

Alteron is the larger of these super-satellites and serves the key function of collecting and transmitting solar power to Luratia, which is then wirelessly distributed world-wide. Alteron is a fully equipped base for excursions to space and is home, at any given time, to as many as 48 residents — trained systems technicians, astronauts, scientists, astronomers and others who maintain daily operations.

Forton is the smaller of these super-satellites and serves many functions. Like the Alteron satellite, Forton collects and transmits solar power to the planet. Forton hosts a powerful telescope which broadcasts images of space to large public screens found in urban areas across the Continent. Given that the planet is almost continuously shrouded in cloud cover, Luratians catch only the slightest glimpses of the stars and planets that populate their night skies. Forton is home to as many as 36 residents. The residents of Forton and Alteron work on a rotating schedule of 90 days on and 30 days off.

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