The Continent of Wershonia

Wershonia is the second largest continent of Luratia. Wershonia has six countries and, among them, two languages: Welbi, spoken in the South and Culti, spoken in the North. In recent decades, a movement to unify the language of Wershonia has been accepted by all nations and implementation of this effort is now underway.

wershonia of luratia


A wide and steep mountain range separates the North from South, which made land travel between them nearly impossible until the invention of aircraft. Much of the steep, rocky coast north of Bree is uninhabited by people and this further restricted travel between the North and South along the eastern coast. The small fishing village of Bree is the place of my birth.

While much of Southern Wershonia is still steeped in ancient traditions and olden ways, Northern Wershonia has been modernizing for centuries. It ranks second in the world on almost every measurable metric: quality of life, longevity, gender and race equality, technological progress, educational excellence, economic health, and political stability.

Directly south of the port town of Kuli is a man-made island where an embassy of the Continent is located. It was established as a central organizing hub for the many humanitarian service projects it supports throughout this region of the world. It houses medical facilities, a World Holographic Library, and mediation services for conflict resolution. This is one of three Embassy Islands in the world, and each is located nearest the least developed nations, where humanitarian need is greatest and the ability to travel long distances is most difficult.

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