Genetic Disaster of 2006

In 2006 — only 90 years before a close-passing asteroid killed over 2 million people on the continent of Artunne — a well-tested genetic procedure designed to reduce congenital disease ended in deadly disaster. The deaths occurred over a period of time, claiming the lives of more than 350,000 children in 14 years and decreasing the birth rate of an entire generation by 28%.

Genetic engineers had successfully tested a gene-modification method that would eradicate the genetic precursors of many of our most serious diseases. Artunne was many nations then, not one as it is now, and when the last nation signed on for this project, it proceeded with the excitement and pride of a people who were conquering nature by vanquishing disease and prolonging life.

The Genetic Disaster of 2006 inspired 2 laws that the 11 nations of Artunne eventually adopted:

  1. all forms of genetic medicine involving modification or manipulation of gene sequences of people and embryos were made subject to heavy regulation, and
  2. genetic screening and parental licensure was required for all married couples


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