kipperTrissilfish have no teeth, no eyes, nor a front or back side. They are an ancient simple-cell fish. Any part of their long string-like body can eat the invisibly small microbial creatures they feed on.

A single strand of trissilfish can grow as long as the combined height of 2 men, and their stringy bodies weave and tangle to form nests containing as many as 2,000 individual trissils.

Trissilfish feed off microbial life forms that are naturally attracted to the nest. Other marine creatures, including the murtali waterspider, often seek temporary harbor in a trissilfish nest, some for the purpose of hiding from predators, others for the purpose of laying eggs, and others for the purpose of getting from one place to another.

Trissilfish nests can grow quite large over time and move easily through the water, riding currents like the Casamer Sea Current off the coast of Bree.

trissilfish nest

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