The Clarkon Substance

The Clarkon Moss Flats located near our North Pole is a massive plain of a lichen-like moss that grows in a peculiar hexagonal pattern.

The Remarkable Properties of the Carbon Atom

Many technological advancements have improved the quality of life for the people of Luratia, chief of which was the discovery of the remarkable properties of carbon atoms and the bond they form when arrayed in a certain geometric pattern. The pattern resembles the look of the Clarkon Moss Flats located near the North Pole.

Earth scientists, too, have discovered the significance of this lattice carbon pattern. The 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, in fact, was awarded for the development of this material, which your scientists call ‘graphene‘.

Our scientists first stumbled upon the properties of graphene in 2022. So impressed were they by this material, a massive collaborative effort was launched within the Continent’s research facilities and universities. The brightest minds from across the Continent volunteered their time and talents to discover and pursue the various capacities and practical applications of clarkon.


Clarkon is a one-atom-thick sheet of densely packed carbon atoms. Photo from Wikipedia Commons.


Applications of Clarkon: Satellites, Space-Based Solar Power, and Holographic Smartphones

  • vastly improved photovoltaic solar cells, which were later developed as thin sheets of photovoltaic material with efficiency ratios of over 90%;
  • the development of ultracapacitors, which are capable of storing enormous amounts of electricity within a very small dimension of space;
  • improved battery efficiency with the use of clarkon powder;
  • composite building materials that are hundreds times stronger than steel and many times lighter in weight; this material has been pivotal in developing our space exploration programs, super-satellites and our space-based solar power collectors;
  • plastic-like materials that conduct electricity, useful in the development of a series of personal communication devices that holographically record and transmit video imagery; we call these devices holophones
  • the development of anti-bacterial materials, which we now use exclusively for food packaging and in countless medical applications;
  • stronger, lighter and more durable artificial limbs; and
  • lightening-quick, full spectrum DNA gene sequencing with 99.7% precision.

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