The Continents of Luratia

The Continent (also known as Artunne) was once 19 nations, then 11, then one. It has been a single sovereign nation for over 150 years, which came about after decades of cooperative rebuilding in the aftermath of a massive asteroid shear that killed more than two million people and affected every region. The northern-most land mass of the Continent stretches across the North Pole, where cloud cover is the most thin. This is where space exploration began and where solar power was first discovered. Today our planet is powered by solar energy collected in space,  beamed down to the ground and distributed wirelessly across the world. more

Wershonia has six countries and, among them, two languages: Welbi, spoken in the South and Culti, spoken in the North. Northern Wershonia is modern, having traded with the people of the Continent since the invention of ocean-worthy boats. A thick mountain range separates the North and the South, which made travel between them difficult until the invention of aircraft. more

Egli is rich in minerals, precious stones, and a crystalline substance once used for fuel. For thousands of years, this land has been mined with slave labor. Egli has no countries, but is divided into 4 sectors that are governed by the majority landowners. Egli is the one place where every child is grateful not to have been born. If you’re born to the rich class, you will be despised by the poor and in danger of being kidnapped for ransom. If you’re born into the lower class, you live in squalor and have little chance of bettering your life. If you’re born into the slave class, you’re a slave. more

Waturi is a small continent with a large population, due to its crowded coastal cities and high birth rates. The interior of Waturi is desolate and rich in natural geysers. The entire perimeter, by contrast, is nearly one continual mega-city, demarcated by the boundaries of 3 nations, who are embroiled in disputes over water rights and other natural resources. They no longer fight with weapons due to the damage it inflicts on its cities, industries and ports. Instead they fight with nano warfare — invisible weapons of corporate espionage, poisonings and strategic system failures. The nations of Waturi are significant stakeholders in mining operations on Egli, a short distance away.

Gostin is the wettest continent. Gostin is so rainy, most of its cities are covered by invisible, self-repairing clarkon nets that shield rain and lightning. Rain falls almost continuously in the high mountains, which nourish the growth of medicinal mosses that are exported all over the world. The people here are peaceful and industrious. Aside from Northern Wershonia, Gostin has been the most influenced by the maturity of the Continentals.

Deloria is the most beautiful of the 6 continents of Luratia. Deloria is latitudinally long: its northern coast is not far from the equator (where cloud cover is thick), and its southern coast is close to the South Pole (where cloud cover is thin). Deloria is agriculturally abundant. Dry crops grow in the South and wet crops grow in the North. Its southern beaches are popular tourist destinations due to the powdery violet sand and occasionally sunny patches of sky. The people of southern Deloria are simple and happy, which some believe is due to their exceptionally good weather.