The Continent of Egli

Egli is the smallest continent on Luratia and is the least populated. Situated near the arid South Pole, it is a comparatively desolate and harsh environment.

Egli is rich in resources not widely found elsewhere on Luratia. Unique types of medicinal mosses grow here, and Egli’s oolite sandstone contain abundant deposits of minerals and precious stones that are highly valued on the world market.

A crystalline rock found in Egli’s rare pink granite has been used in the production of fuel cells that powered the world’s machinery for centuries. Since the advent of wireless solar electricity, the demand for this rock has about vanished.

Egli’s Mining Industry
For thousands of years, the moss deserts of Egli has been heavily mined and harvested. Coastal cities and ports are the only vestige of civilization here. Over the centuries, the most powerful countries have seized their stake in the mining and harvesting enterprises that have perpetually flourished here, to the benefit of the industrialists and to the detriment to the native population, who have been enslaved for millennia.

The coastal waters and few inland rivers and seas of this continent have long been polluted from centuries of residual waste material that mining activities have produced. A second industry cropped up several hundred years ago: water purification, as the cost of shipping in drinkable water was deemed unacceptably unprofitable.

Colonization of Egli
Egli has been colonized since the first discoveries of its natural resources, some 2300 years ago. Since then, it has been carved up into countless pieces of territories, states and districts at the hands of an endless profusion of owners and stakeholders. Many wars have erupted among competing conglomerates and industrialists (some of whom have their own private armies), often to the demise of their own profit sources as dozens of abundant mines have been demolished – intentionally and accidentally – in the frenzy of the fight.