The Luratian Year

Our year is 300 days long (299.423 to be exact).

Thousands of years ago the smarter of our ancestors made a 10-month year of 30 days each to mark the passage of time.


In a year’s time we have:

10 months (5 weeks each)

50 weeks (6 days each)

300 20-hour days


two seasons:

a rainy season

a dry season


The Annual “No Time” Celebration

There is a discrepancy of one half of one day between the 300 day calendar year and the 299.423 day orbital period. To compensate for this, the official Luratian calendar is reset on the first day of every new calendar year to Day 1, Hour 0. This causes the final 5.77 hours of the last day of every year to be a period of “no time”.

Over the centuries, the people of Luratia have regarded “no time” a major holiday and celebration event. Culturally and historically, the means and mode of celebrating “no time” has evolved (and at times devolved) through many permutations, ranging from solemn and reverential observances to a “throw care to the wind” gala of self-indulgence.


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