The People of Luratia

Health & Disease

Luratians live longer than the people of Earth. We are naturally more healthy because

  1. genetic screening measures have reduced the incidence of inherited disease
  2. our respiration and heartbeat are slower
  3. we are less prone to stress because our neurological function is more stable and social peace and equality are slowly pervading our world

Even in the less developed nations of our world, we do not suffer from diseases associated with hypertension or stress in the way that Earth people do.

We are not disease-free, but through genetic manipulation and parental licensure, we have conquered most diseases rather successfully. Lifespans in most countries have improved significantly. The Continent and the nations of Wershonia have the most advanced medical technology in the world and as such they are the most healthy people on all Luratia.

Average lifespan by continent
Continental male/female: 129/132 years
Wershonian male/female: 118/122 years
Delorian male/female: 114/119 years
Gostinian male/female: 113/116 years
Waturian male/female: 106/110 years
Egli male/female: 93/101 years