Life in the Rocks: Sedona

The beauty of desert plant life is its ability to take root and grow and flourish in the red red rock.

This particular rock is part of the massive rock formation that supports the Chapel of the Holy Cross, designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, who was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. I took hundreds of shots in and around Sedona this day, in late June 2011. Below are a few more angles on the Chapel, in case you’ve never seen it.
Sedona Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Art of Hope

Bruzz and Judy are back. Every October they make the trek from Alberta, Canada to our little desert town. They winter here in a house a few doors down from ours. Bruzz is an artist, though he wouldn’t say so. His art is natural beauty; his palette is their back yard; and his medium ranges from stone, wire, wood, shells, objects from nature, and objects from home. His newest piece “Hope” is my most favorite, made entirely of rusted steel scraps.

My Favorite Castle

chambord castle france

Château de Chambord at Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, France

Built in the 1500’s, this is I think the largest castle in France. It’s size is amazing, but most remarkable are the 19 spires, each of which is a completely unique design. I was blessed to have visited this masterpiece in 1986 while studying in a town not far away. The tourists there were few that day, and my compatriots and I roamed the castle freely for hours. I remember climbing to the top of one of the taller spires, from which we could look down, bird’s eye, and more fully grasp the disparate beauty and sheer enormity of the château. To see a larger view of this shot (which I did not take), click on the image.