Where in the Universe Are We?

My fascination with scale and the the enormity of the universe led me to find this wonderful map made by Andrew Colvin. It shows a mere 150 million light-year-wide slice of the entire known universe — only a fraction of its total width of 13 billion light years.

I’ve taken Andrew’s map apart, section by section, to give you a view of this little sliver of the universe where our solar system is nestled. I hope you enjoy this tour of 150 million light years, which is 900 trillion miles wide!

Begin scrolling now to see the local supercluster (at the far right of Andrew’s map) and continue scrolling to narrow in on our own Milky Way galaxy and sun.

universe 150 million ly

local supercluster of galaxies

local group of galaxies

Milky Way galactic realm

sun's neighborhood

solar system